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What do they think about Russian women in the West? How they are treated the American men? Probably every man has an opinion on these matters, but the fact is that attitude to Russian women in the world is unique.
- For some Russian women are the long-legged beauties who love dining, entertainment and relaxation at the best resorts in the world. They are rich, capricious, sometimes unpredictable, but in general quite cultural ladies. Such are not many. Basically they are wives of businessmen and politicians.
- For other Russian women are the "huntresses" for wealthy American men. Their goal is to marry a wealthy man, to get foreign citizenship and live beautifully on the husband's money. They are cunning and shameless, brazen and bold. Fairness it should be said that these Russian women are not many, compared to similar women of other nationalities.
- Many American men see in Russian women reliable and faithful wives capable of independently run the household, raise children and even go to work. In the West it is welcome, and Russian women are admired.
- In some countries, such as Italy, Russian woman is a cheap labor force: cooks, cleaners, waitresses, wash the dishes and so on. But educated women from Russia and Ukraine are increasingly able to find prestigious job in the West and the United States, because they have proven themselves to be responsible and executive employees.


Russian women seeking American men

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Generally Russian women abroad live and earn not badly. The Western European and American men are happy to have affairs and enter into marriages with Russian women. There are those who have successfully married and are happy with their careless lives. There are others who rely only on themselves. They learn the language and culture of the country in which they intend to stay, conduct their business and succeed in it, and some even work in large companies. In general we can say that hard working Russian women successfully conquer the West and find their place there.

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